APPLE 24V 1.875A 7.7*2.5 Laptop AC Adapter / Laptop Charger

APPLE 24V 1.875A 7.7*2.5 laptop charger


AITO Electronic Co., Limited is a professional manufacturer of laptop ac adapters and laptop batteries. We supply ac adapters for almost all brand laptops, such ACER Laptop Charger, APPLE Laptop charger, ASUS Laptop charger, HP laptop charger, COMPAQ LAPTOP CHARGER, DELL LAPTOP CHARGER, IBM LAPTOP CHARGER, LENOVO LAPTOP CHARGER, GATEWAY LAPTOP CHARGER, SAMSUNG LAPTOP CHARGER, SONY LAPTOP CHARGER, TOSHIBA LAPTOP CHARGER.

This Adapter is replace for APPLE 24V 1.875A 7.7*2.5 45W AC Adapter, it is square, the same as original but no logo.  Is was designed to meet or exceed original apple adapter.

The power cord is new in the market and it fits the adapter very well.

This apple adapter have CE,FCC,ROHS certificates and have 13 months warranty by our factory.


AITO Electronic Co., Limited —————– Try to be your primary choose of laptop Ac Adapters and Laptop batteries.

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