Do you know how to extend your battery life?

laptop charger and laptop battery manufacturer

Many people use laptops at school, at office or on the go. Laptops are very convinient for us to proceed our business or job, but when laptop runs out of power, everything will be stopped, what a pity! If this happens to you frequently and there is no ac adapter available at the right time, you know how inconvenient and frustrating it will be. Do things as below, you can make your battery last as longer as possible.

1. Don’t forget to remove your battery off your laptop every 2 months, and it is better to wipe the metal contacts with alcohol.This will speed up the power transfer between laptop and battery.

2. Use AITO’s high quality ac adapter to charger your battery for 12 hours in the whole night.

3. Open the control panel on your laptop, and choose the lowest power usage option. This will reduce the power consumation of your battery and then to make your battery lasts longer.

4. Try to remove the External devices as many as possible. Such as Disk, USB device, extenal mouse, etc.

5. Close any programs that you are not using. you can press “Ctrl”+”ALT”+”Delete” to open the task manager, choose the useless programs, then click “end task”. If you do not on the internet, you can also close the anti-virus program.

6. Turn down the backlight of your laptop, when you do not use laptop for a while ,close the screen.

In fact, many ways to make your battery last longer. You should keep a good habit when using laptop.

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